Ministry of FLNRO


The River Forecast Centre (RFC) monitors, analyzes and models the streamflow conditions around the province by using a variety of scientific knowledge, methodologies, techniques and models with data input of snow surveys, weather and streamflow from BC Ministry of Environment, Environment Canada and other sources, and provides the following information on this website (move mouse over photo icons and click):

Freshet Information includes information on streamflow conditions during the snowmelt freshet season from May to July, providing a table/map of the current river discharges, the provincial river outlook, the Fraser River 10-day flow forecasts, the Lower Fraser River water level forecast, and more.
Freshet Information
Flood Advisories and Warnings are issued when necessary to provide alerts to potential flood conditions in the stream systems of the province. Updated as conditions warrant.
Flood Advisories and Warnings
Low Streamflow Bulletins and Advisories provide information on current streaflow conditions and the outlook for water supply through the low streamflow season. Produced periodically over the summer low flow season and updated as conditions warrant.
Water Supply and Low Streamflow Advisories
Snow Survey Bulletins and Commentaries provide details on provincial snow data for each snow survey and provide commentaries on the flood risk and water supply outlook leading into the freshet and summer season. Produced 8 times a year from January 1 to June 15.
Bulletins and Commentaries
Data and Graphs provide links to graphical and/or tabular viewing of the Automated Snow Pillow (ASP) data, manual snow survey data and real-time river level and discharge data.
Data and Graphs
Maps provide a number of maps including BC Snow Survey Basins, BC Snow Survey Sites, BC Hydrometirc Stations, Discharge Return Periods during the freshet season, 7-Day Average Streamflow during the low streamflow season, BC Watersheds, and more.