Ministry of FLNRO

Freshet Information 2014

This page provides information of the current year's snow melt freshet season. Additional information will be added as it becomes available.(Note: July 15, 2014 is the last day on which this page is updated.)

Current River Discharge Data and Information: A table of Daily Discharge for approximately 80 key hydrometric stations in BC is updated daily during the spring freshet period. The table presents discharge data for the past 5 days, in relation to return period estimates for extreme flows. Aalso available as a Freshet Map of Discharge Return Periods on Google Map.


Provincial River Outlook: A weekly commentary on current river conditions and outlook on the short-term and seasonal potential for flood conditions.

Fraser River 5-Day Flow Forecasts: A table of 5-day flow forecasts for select forecast points through the Fraser River Watershed. (Note: July 15, 2014 is the last day for the 5-day forcasts.)

Fraser River Modelling Information: An overview of river flow and river level forecasting operations for the Lower Fraser River.

Lower Fraser River Dike Patrol Guidelines

Lower Fraser River Water Level Forecast : Water level forecasts for the Lower Fraser River are produced using the Fraser River MIKE11 hydraulic model based on flows forecasted by River Forecast Centre. The hydraulic model has inherent limitations, inaccuracies and potential errors, and its performance and accuracy is based on past flow and water level observations that may not necessarily reflect  subsequent channel and floodplain changes, flow discrepancies and surface roughness variations.  Tabulated computed water levels should be treated as estimates and are provided for guidance only. ***As of June 10, 2014, water level forecasts will no longer be posted on the website, unless levels return to around 5.5 m at the Fraser River at Mission gauge.

For the locations of Lower Fraser River Water Level Forecast, please click this link: Lower Fraser River Gauge Location Map.