Ministry of FLNRO

Snow Survey Bulletins and Commentaries

The Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin is produced 8 times a year for the January 1, February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1, May 15, June 1, and June 15 survey periods. This bulletin reports on the snow data for each survey, and provides a commentary on the flood risk and water supply outlook leading into the freshet and summer season.

For 2016, the planned dates for release of the Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin for each of the survey periods identified above are by the end of business days: January 7th, February 9th, March 8th, April 7th, May 9th, May 24st, June 8th and June 23nd. These dates are subject to change.


Please click this link to go to the most recent "Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin". Archive Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletins can be found here.

A bi-weekly Automated Snow Pillow Commentary of snow conditions based on readings from the BC Automated Snow Pillow (ASP) network is published during the snow season.