Ministry of FLNRO

Automated Snow Weather Station Data

The British Columbia Automated Snow Weather Station network reported here is comprised of stations operated by the Ministry of Environment, BC Hydro, Rio Tinto Alcan and the Greater Vancouver Water District. There are 51 sites around the province, mostly remote and high elevation.  Data are collected hourly and are transmitted through the GOES satellite every hour and received at the River Forecast Centre’s satellite receiving station in Victoria. Remotely sensed snow and meteorological data (snow water equivalent, snow depth, air temperature, precipitation) from Automated Snow Weather Stations (ASWS) are available in near-real-time. 

Current year near-real-time hourly data for the previous 7 days, and graphs of snow water equivalent from Oct 1st to the end of the snow season (typically late June) are updated daily. Map access to near-real-time data and graphs

The Automated Snow Weather Station data can also be downloaded as four .csv files. These data are updated hourly, combining the data for the current water year (October 1st to present) for all active ASWSs in the province into single files. The data available are:

Raw Automated Snow Weather Station data between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2016 can also be downloaded as four .csv files. The data available are:

Archived period-of-record daily ASWS data are available here.