Ministry of FLNRO

Freshet Information

This page provides information of the current year's snow melt freshet season. Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

Current River Discharge and Water Level Information: Hydrometric information is updated daily during the spring freshet period. The Map of Streamflow Return Periods for all Real-time Water Survey of Canada (WSC) stations in BC provides information on the latest discharge and water level data for 361 Real-time WSC hydrometric stations.


Provincial River Outlook: A weekly commentary on current river conditions and outlook on the short-term and seasonal potential for flood conditions.

Flow Forecasts: The River Forecast Centre provides flow forecasts from two numeric, hydrologic models. The WARNS Model covers the Fraser River and Skeena River, and the CLEVER Model covers most of the snow-dominated watersheds in BC. There may be discrepancies between the two models' outputs at the same locations. These discrepancies reflect the differences of physics, methodology, structure, and calibration of the two models. However, the discrepancies between the forecast flows for a given location are not significant and comparison of the models' results may provide a better understanding about the forecasts.

The WARNS Model Fraser River Flow Forecasts: The WARNS Model is based on the UBC Watershed Model with some adaptions to improve routing and snowmelt. Output from the model includes a table of 10-day flow forecasts for select forecast points in the Fraser River watershed. The model is typically operated from late spring until late June, subject to operational demands. The following link provides the current outputs from the WARNS Model 10-day Forecast for the Fraser River.

The CLEVER Model flow forecasts: The CLEVER (Channel Links Evolution Efficient Routing) Model is a hybrid model which consists of a lumped watershed routing sub-model and a distributed, physics-based open channel routing sub-model. For more information about the CLEVER Model, please follow this link (1.2M PDF file). The following links provide the current outputs from the CLEVER Model (As of July 28, 2017, the CLEVER Model is no longer updated until 2018 freshet):
1. Google Map of the CLEVER Model 10-day Forecasts of Discharges and Return Periods
2. CLEVER Model 10-day Forecast Outlook

Lower Fraser River Modelling Information: An overview of river flow and river level forecasting operations for the Lower Fraser River.

Lower Fraser River Dike Patrol Guidelines

Lower Fraser River Water Level Forecast : Water level forecasts for the Lower Fraser River are produced by the Flood Safety Section, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) using the Fraser River MIKE11 one-dimensional hydraulic model. Computed water levels are approximate and are based on flows forecasted by River Forecast Centre. In addition to uncertainties involved with the flow forecasts, the hydraulic modelling procedure has inherent limitations, inaccuracies and potential errors. The performance and accuracy of the model is based on past flow and water level observations. As such, past model performance may not necessarily apply to possible future conditions due to channel and floodplain changes, flow discrepancies and surface roughness variations. Observed and modelled water levels for previous freshets, which may provide some guidance on model error bounds, can be found in the Fraser River Model reports available online at: Tabulated computed water levels should be treated as estimates and are provided for guidance only. The information should not be used for emergency response measures without complete understanding of its limitations.

For the locations of Lower Fraser River Water Level Forecast, please click this link: Lower Fraser River Gauge Location Map.

This link is a PDF map generated with EC's 10-day Forecasts of Daily Average Temperature and 24H Precipitation (10 page PDF file), which is updated daily during the freshet season.