Ministry of FLNRO


A British Columbia Snow Survey Network wall map (in PDF format) showing the locations of all active manual snow survey and automated snow pillow site is available for download. This map is 1:1,800,000 scale, and plots to 36x48 inches.

Two maps based on Google Earth KMZ files are available: BC Snow Survey Sites (Automated Snow Pillow and Active Manual Snow Course sites) and the active BC Hydrometric Stations.


A Map of Discharge Return Periods on Google map is updated when necessary and updated daily during the freshet season of the year.

A 7-day Average Steamflow Map on Google map is updated on a weekly basis during the non-freshet seasons of the year.

The BC Watershed Map in PDF includes level 1 and level 2 watersheds and rivers across the province.

The Snow Index Basins are used for snow water index calculation for the Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletins.

The locations of Lower Fraser River Water Level Forecast can be found on Lower Fraser River Gauge Location Map