Map of Current Streamflow Conditions for All Real-time WSC Stations in BC

This map includes the following 4 layers: (1) Discharge/Water Level Return Period - All Stations (current view); (2) Discharge/Water Level Return Period =2Y and Up; (3) % of Mean Annual Discharge - All Stations; and, (4) % of Mean Annual Discharge below 50%.

Instruction: 1. To select a different layer or show the legend, click the layer or legend icon in the top-left corner. 2. Click on a station to show station information and current reading, the return period, or % of mean annual discharge (MAD). 3. Click "More info" on the pop-up information window to view WSC's real-time data for the station.

Click here to view the full screen map.

Colour Scheme for Return Periods:


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Note of Data Sources:

  1. The river discharges and water levels are from Water Survey of Canada (Disclaimer for Hydrometric Information and Terms and conditions) and represent the readings at the time displayed in the parentheses below the map title.
  2. Return Periods are expressed in years and reflect the discharge rate associated with the statistical probability of the annual maximum discharge of the historical record for a given station. The return periods are calculated based on the historical records and the provisional data from WSC for a given station. Data shown on the map and data layers reflect the current range of discharges or water level for a station at the update time.

Users should use the information on this map with caution and do so at their own risk.

The data are collected in near-real-time by automated monitors at numerous remote locations and are unverified. The data are preliminary, and may be changed upon subsequent review. Some data may be wrong. It is not uncommon for individual water level recorders to give false readings, due to local conditions. The return period estimates presented on this map are preliminary and are often based on limited data. They should be considered as reference values only, by which to evaluate the current readings. They should not be used for design or other purposes. Users of this data must accept all responsibility for the use and interpretation.